Indios Carbonsitos

Adrian's youngest son helped me keep the lines in check. 

Adrian's youngest son helped me keep the lines in check. 

I repainted a local food truck, Indios Carbonsitos, in September of 2013. The owner requested something with a strong Mexican influence, preferably something that resounded with Aztecan art and history. Seeing as how the aztec warrior theme was already infused into his logo, I decided to reference the Aztec calendar, which everyone loved and already recognized. 

" It's not always the good food that attracts people. You gotta have the right kind of eye candy to get them in line.."- Adrian (the owner)

Due to summer heat, I ended up painting the truck primarily at night for a week straight. On top of painting primarily at night, my wife was in the hospital giving birth to our son the same week I was slugging away at this project. To top the was also the first time I used spray paint 100%, start-to-finish, on any project. It really expanded the confines of my comfort zone as an artist, both creatively and technically. 

To say the least, it's opened the doors to a myriad of other projects and it's been rather nice to see my work driving around town from time to time. 

Food and art merge at the food truck Fridays - Article in the Kansas City Star