For My Grandfather, Duane

"Transcend", house paint, colored pencil, paint marker, collage on Chipboard, 2016

For my grandfather, Duane Witt, who taught me the strength in patience. Who showed me love through the depths of change. Who showed me the proper way to eat an omelette; to catch a snake; run a lawnmower; craft wooden swords; fly an airplane; who accepted my individuality & gave me ample room to grow as a teenager...

To the grandpa who was always honest with me (to an extent). Me: " What's it like having Alzheimer's grandpa? " Duane : "...Hell, I forgot...". Lol

Today you transcended into the realm of legend. Your example will be passed on. Your stories will be shared with more fervency & passion. I'll always remember you as the man that knew how to do everything (except work the remote control.)

I love you grandpa.