JT Daniels Featured in Create-magazine's issue II

"Don't let YOU hold YOURSELF back"-my friend. 

My painting's " Dreadful Intent" & "Bang!n' Hair-Do #5" are both featured in Create Magazine's Issue II, 2017. 

This year, I took on a personal challenge (both against a friend/mentor and against myself) to aim for receiving 100 rejections in 2017. My mentor encouraged me to read an article detailing a change in mindset (article here), where learning to aim for 100 rejections a year could become a new motivational tool. 

Initially I was a little timid thinking about purposefully attempting to achieve this goal. But, after I began to apply to different calls-to-artists, for projects, residencies, magazines & etc., I've found something new within the process that I don't think I would have discovered other wise. 

Most recently, I've noticed that the initial sting of rejection has started to feel different. The ways in which I normally reacted to rejection have begun to shift. Now, I'm to a point where I'm beginning to look forward to applying to more calls, whether or not I'm rejected. I'm far more comfortable writing about my art and describing myself & my work to strangers. 

Seeing my work in print has been one of the recent perks of "putting myself & my work on the line". 

In 2017, I've applied for 3 mural projects, 3 magazine competitions, 3 blog interview openings and 4 gallery casting calls. 

By this time next year, I hope that I'm closer to reaching my goal.