Finished Triptych, 2016

This is a Triptych that I was commissioned to create November/December 2016. It's a design that's constructed of a myriad of personal affinities listed out by the patron that was particular to their family & children, along with my added sense of flowing line work. Some of the things I gravitated to were the fact that the children were really into Lego's, eating pizza and watching Adventure Time.

The quote that spurred most of the creativity for this project was "Do you Boo Boo. Do YOU!" After hearing it in a movie, it just stuck with me through the majority of the sketching and planning phases. The more I thought about the phrase, the more I resounded with the idea that one should go with the flow. Wherever life ebbs and flows take you, be present in that moment and flexible enough to adapt to it. In essence, become who you are.  You should always " Do You".