Artboard 1.png

Expeditions re-brand

The non for profit organization, Mattie Rhodes Center, asked for our group to re-create their current after school program. We started with the name and that expanded out into it's visual representation and ultimately it's course curriculum. We changed the name from "Explore" to "Expeditions" and created two subdivisions under that, one titled "Make your Mark" and the other " Cultural Journeys". Make Your Mark was designed to accommodate  students 12yrs -18yrs of age and the Cultural Journey's program would cater to children ages 5yrs-11yrs old. 

The idea was to turn the after school program into a time of exploration, where the older kids would make "expeditions" into uncharted territories as they learned new skills and were given the chance to be partnered  with mentors within their chosen field of interest (ie: art, music, robotics, street art, etc.). Due to the fact that majority of the students we serve on a daily basis have never left their current communities, Cultural Journeys was created in order to show younger students just how big the world is beyond their front doors and how they expands beyond the reach of their neighborhoods. 

All art was created by JT Daniels, using Adobe Illustrator, circa 2014