November 5, 2015

Due to the construction of a new Whole Foods grocery store, a wall was built to protect civilians from debris, dust, water & etc. In the process of creating this barrier, local shop owners who are located 15 feet from the wall have had their public visibility blocked off from the main street and have also had their views from inside of the shops replaced with this barrier that expands the length of the street that they are located on. 

As a means of problem solving, the owner of Crows Coffee reached out to both DJ Burton and SIKE to use their creative skills to curate a mural on this barrier, in order to give current customers something to appreciate while using the shops and as a way to make the best of their current situation. 


HERE IS THE FULL MURAL COLLABORATION (in order of appearance) :  Zachary Laman, DJ Burton, Phem 9, SIKE Styles & JT Daniels 


Crows Coffee, 2015