On The Easel : "Fro"

This is a painting that I'm currently working on for and upcoming group show, Convergence. 

The painting is based on a design I made in my sketchbook a few months ago, after having a conversation with my friend about the process she's gone through while growing out her hair into an afro. At the time, she was telling me about the in's and out's of hair shrinkage, the various products she was using and had decided to do away with and, inevitably, public responses to her current hair endeavors. 

This painting is based on what I took away from that conversation. Intermingled within the roots of her hair are characters, words, designs that all reflect this idea of growth, complexity, intrigue and design. 

I will have this, along with other works based on hair , on display for the September 2nd opening of the show. Until then, here are a few progress photos from the beginning phases of the painting and some of the big changes I had to make early on. I feel it gives a great depiction of the decisions that are made before, during and after a painting enters the studio.