Live Painting for "Thanks-A-Million, KC!" , 2016

JT Daniels is a Kansas City, KS native. In 2012, he graduated from Park University with a BA in fine art. In 2013, JT was given his first chance to lead a small group of youth through their first community based mural project. Due to the success of his first mural, in 2014, he assumed the role of Quality Assessor for what then became MAP-IT Murals. Utilizing his roles with MAP-IT and as a Youth Development Coordinator for Mattie Rhodes Center, he's able to mentor youth on varying aspects of art, story telling and community engagement . 


My current work focuses on the idea that our hair is seemingly trapped within a state of constant fluctuation, gradually transforming our external identities and our internal selves. By focusing on the more surreal qualities of human hair, I believe that it can also become a representation of our own self acceptance. The presence of knives and ray guns is an affirmation of the constant struggle to possess and maintain our sense of self. 


Selected Group Exhibitions

2016     "Convergence", Mattie Rhodes Art Gallery, Kansas City, KS

2016     " Beware All Style Biters 8", True Style Glass Gallery, Kansas City, MO

2016     "URBAN CHATTER: Kindred Spirit", Confidential Lofts Gallery, Dallas, TX

2015     "INTERSECTION", Thornhill Gallery, Avila University,  Kansas City, KS

2014     "Social Hearts Club", VML Wise Gallery, Kansas City, MO

2014     "Art and Soul, It’s My Thing”, KC Street Art Gallery, Kansas City, MO

2014     "NEW WORK", MOD Gallery, Kansas City, MO

2013     "Beyond Words: A fusion of poetry +visual art +Jazz", The Changing Gallery, Kansas City, MO

2013     "Human / Nature / Self", Stairway Art Space, Kansas City, MO

2012     "Beware All Style Biters", KC Street Art Gallery, Kansas City, MO

2012     "Art is my business", UEP Office Gallery, Kansas City, MO

2011      "Group A", Blue Djinn Gallery, Kansas City, MO

2010     "The Great Mash UP!", Main Street Assoc. Gallery, Kansas City, MO

Selected Solo Exhibitions

 2014    "Bang!n’ Hair-DO", The Gallery at Christ Community Church, Kansas City, MO

2013     "AMO pt. 2", Benetti’s Coffee Experience, Kansas City, MO

2013     "AMO", KC Street Art Gallery, Kansas City, MO

2012     "Going Solo", Stariway Art Space, Kansas City, MO

2011      "No Sleep Till…", The Campanella Gallery, Park University,  Kansas City, MO

2009    "Non Disclaimer", Alcott Arts Center, Kansas City, MO

2008    "Drawings", Benetti’s Coffee Experience, Kansas City, MO

Selected Artist Residencies

2016     "Pop Up Artists in Residence", Epsten Gallery at Village Shalom, Leawood, KS

Public Collections

Park University



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Mural to decrease area's vandalism issue

Clients & Collaborators

Alzheimer's Association
BRISK Iced Tea
The KC Street Car Authority
Mattie Rhodes Center
Making Movies
Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer
Park University
Silpada Designs
Ruins Pub
RW2 Productions