“Whenever I see a blank wall…I see an opportunity to communicate.” In my work, I take the opportunity to add in phrases or words that have personal meanings, in which two of my favorites are : SUP - “Surviving Under Pressure” and YEP - “Young Empowered People”.

JT Daniels started pursuing art as a teenager, becoming the designated artist for school projects, painting custom skateboards and selling illustrations to friends and mentors. Currently, he has become a social activist, using his art to support and uplift the community. His murals can be seen all over Kansas City, adorning the walls of small businesses, street car stops, galleries and local neighborhoods. His work weaves together various elements, such as characters and phrases, into streamlined designs that represent the heartbeat of the urban community. 

His signature style depicts characters and phrases in various forms, compactly intertwined and infused with minute details. The overlapping faces and characters within the illustrations are visual references of all the people he’s interacted with, where conversations, experiences and characteristics become the compositions that signify the always transforming and growing human experience.